Every twist and turn adds to the fun!

There is no better family experience than a corn maze.

Our Maze history in pictures! 

A special treat for everyone who finds all six quiz stations.

Ridenour Acres offers the best corn maze experience in Northeast Indiana.  Our corn maze offers two different levels - beginners or advance.  The beginner level takes 10-15 minutes to complete while the advanced level takes 40-50 minutes.  You are welcome to try both mazes if you wish. 

Are you up for a challenge?  The advanced level will test you physically and mentally at every turn but don't worry, six different quiz stations offer hints to freedom.  Make sure to work as a team so that you don't spend the entire day lost in the massive 11 acre maze.  If for some reason you are completely lost, we offer emergency exits that will take you safely back to the entrance.  Also, a free treat is waiting if you visit all six quiz stations.  So make sure you bring the family and get lost in this maze!

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2935 E 20 N, ANGOLA, IN  46703

Voted #1 Corn Maze Experience in NOrtheast Indiana