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Two scary opportunities

October 22 (8-11pm)

October 29 (8-11pm)
Admission: $10 per person

These evil spirits look forward to meeting you in October!

Do these dolls belong to the children from the orphanage?

Children who lost their parents to war or sickness often found themselves in orphanages and not all of them enjoyed the experience.

Watch the Haunted Woods Promo Video

Mysterious picture of the orphanage found in the woods.

THe Legend

It all started in 1923 when an orphanage near the woods suffered a horrific fire.  Unfortunately the orphanage was burned to the ground and all were killed.  Exactly one year later, neighbors first reported strange noises coming from the woods.  It sounded like children screaming and crying, pleading for help.  Legends suggests the devil invited these lost souls into the woods because nobody else wanted them.  

Now it is your turn to enter into  the gates of hell.  We think these children have grown into evil monsters that will do whatever it takes to keep you there.  Your adventure through the woods includes a guided hayride tour and a stroll through the haunted corn maze.  Make sure you bring a flashlight since a wrong turn could leave you in the dark.  You never know what will be waiting for you around the corner.  So walk with caution and keep your loved ones close as you enter the woods. 

Is the legend true?  We'll let you decide.